Biotaware’s health data cloud platform and mobile solutions provide accurate data collection and wearable / medical device management for mHealth, Clinical Trials and well-being initiatives.

Big Data for Health Acquisition to insight.

Digital health projects have a host of technological elements from data storage to and bio-sensing in the form of wearables or medical devices.

A data storage platform forms the heart of any digital health initiative. Data needs to be collected reliably at volume, stored securely and made available through reporting and custom dashboarding.

Using Biotaware's platform you can be sure that digital health data is secure and readily available for garnering valuable insights in an environment that is regulatory approved.

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Integrated mobile solutionsDesign. Build. Deploy.

Successful mobile health apps must perform well on all popular platforms and be designed with an acute sense of user psychology.

The quality of a digital health app has a big effect engagement for any digital health project utilising mobile technology. User interface, flow and performance are all critical factors. Biotaware offers a full life-cycle app development service from conception to deployment.

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Connecting digital health devicesReliable. Accurate. Tracked.

Wearables and biosensor enabled medical devices play a critical role in many digital health projects. Advances in technology are creating new opportunities to capture biologically originated data at an unprecedented pace.

Biotaware's platform provides the ability to manage and monitor biosensor devices and to reliably collect and deliver data from these devices at scale.

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