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Biotaware helps healthcare professionals collect human centric data in order to gain insights and improve outcomes.

Specialising in deployments involving mobile, consumer and smart medical devices, we leverage our global cloud platform to collect data and deliver results. Combined with our remote device monitoring capabilities, we ensure data stays accurate and meaningful throughout the lifecycle of your project.

Our passion for connected healthcare lets us deliver results that match ambitions and exceed expectations. We pride ourselves in building trusted relationships and delivering excellence throughout every aspect of a digital health initiative.

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Connecting digital health devicesremote monitoring, data capture

Connected digital health devices such as smartphones, wearables, and biosensors offer huge potential to improve healthcare by providing access to objectively captured measurements from the people who are using them.

Our BiotaConnect platform incorporates multi-device data capture and remote monitoring which enables us to support adherence targets, track usage and deliver data to the professionals that need it.

Improving health with data Acquisition to insight.

We specialize in removing the technological and operational pain points in connected health projects.

Experience in well being, clinical trials, assisted living and condition management projects means that we talk the language of healthcare and can solve the problems you face in technologically driven healthcare projects.

We have expertise in connected device data capture, mobile development, logistical partnerships and overseeing custom device manufacturing.

Introducing BiotaSense

A streamlined approach to manage connected wearables, devices and large-population clinical and wellness studies.

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