A streamlined approach to participant and device management.

BiotaSense from Biotaware.

Over the lifecycle of a clinical trial or wellness study, BiotaSense streamlines the process of managing a series of connected wearables or smart devices right through to exploring the information gathered from the study participants.

Removing the stresses of studying a large or dispersed population, BiotaSense centralises key activities to help professionals gain the maximum value and potential for insight from their study.

A Study-Management Powerhouse.

Your Participants

Built on the cornerstone BiotaConnect platform, BiotaSense makes it easy to view and manage lists of participants and read their individual information recordings. BiotaSense can accommodate participant populations of any size.

Metrics and Data

Metrics captured using connected devices can be displayed in a visual, uniform, consistent way. Any type of data can be included in the reports.

Your Devices

BiotaSense allows users to register, manage and distribute a network of connected devices to capture objective behaviour and state information from study participants. BiotaSense supports any activity or state sensor, both consumer and medical grade.


BiotaSense provides tools to monitor participant compliance so potential inaccuracies in the captured information can be identified and remedied before a study is complete.

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