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WIRED Health 2017, London : Our commentary article

Posted on Mar 21, 2017, 10:00 AM
Last week, WIRED Health organised a well thought-out and inspirational event covering matters in science, technology and healthcare, gathering individuals and companies that are responsible for changing the world of healthcare. Read our commentary article here.
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Healthcare and information technology are two niches that have not traditionally been associated. However, with the evolution of the healthcare industry has come the need to be more efficient, affordable and effective. This is how the birth of digital health came about. Adaptation of technology in healthcare required skill sets from both industry to merge.
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Google Fit and Apple Health are the underlying platforms powering the wearable technologies: Android Wear and the Apple Watch. With all the fitness tracking craze from vast number of apps, there are a lot of data that needs to be aggregated and consolidated where consumers can look and analyse health trends.
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Thumbnail for iOS vs Android – where to start with your mHealth app development
Businesses across industries have realised the ability of applications (apps). They know how powerful an app can be across their internal and external processes. A dedicated Android or iOS app or both can enable an organisation with the quickest means of connecting with all their prospect and people.
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Thumbnail for Apple ResearchKit, HealthKit and CareKit, Health App – what does it all mean?
The Apple Inc. © Health App, HealthKit, ResearchKit and CareKit — it is clear that Apple is set to conquer the healthcare market, or specifically the mHealth market. Since 2014, the Health app comes preloaded into the iPhone as part of iOS 8. HealtKit, also launched in 2014, sits underneath this Health app and allows developers to feed information to and from the app. In March 2015, Apple Inc. introduced the Apple ResearchKit, targeted to medical research. Following up a year later i.e. April 2016, Apple announced the CareKit, to promote care management among patients.
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