Big questions for DIA 2018

Author: Sarah Iqbal

The DIA 2018 Global Meeting is back and Biotaware are again excited to be joining the thousands of delegates attending this year in Boston. The annual conference gives us a great opportunity to catch up with old colleagues, meet face-to-face with some of our global clients and build links with new figures in the industry.

As we think about packing up our suitcases, here are three hot topics that have piqued our interest and are the ones that we're looking forward to hearing more about this year... 


Wearables and connected devices are featuring more and more in the clinical landscape, with the industry realising the massive potential to be gained from adding quantitative activity information to a study. As we approach the tipping point where activity monitoring becomes the norm for a study protocol, we're keen to hear the stories of early adopters. From the great successes to the war stories of countless hurdles that had to be overcome.


As studies become more complex with a multitude of connected devices, the issue of compliance seems to be a long way from ever being truly “solved”. Never afraid of a challenge, we're looking to jump in and join the conversation. How can we employ technology to ensure a study generates consistent, validated information? Can we tap into the “always connected” nature of today's world to boost patient engagement and increase compliance?

A.I. and Machine Learning

As studies generate ever-greater volumes of information across increasing numbers of dimensions, even the most basic of processing tasks change from “labour intensive” to “seemingly impossible”. Is it time to start looking to the future to solve this?

Machine Learning and A.I. technologies have progressed at such a pace that today's “standard” are virtually unrecognisable compared to what was “state of the art” just three years ago. With many leading cloud vendors now offering almost turn-key systems to leverage Machine Learning, we're interested to know the industry's take on A.I. - are we ready for the new machine age?

If any any of these three big topics we want to explore have caught your attention, or you think there's a DIA session we can't afford to miss, send us a tweet or drop us a message

See you in Boston!

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