Our story

Biotaware was formed by a management team experienced in software development and technology solutions for various sectors including clinical trials and commercial games.

After carefully following and analysing the digital health landscape, it became clear that there is a growing need to leverage technology to improve the care of patients, treatment of diseases and promotion of health and wellbeing.

Recognising the connectivity challenges in digital healthcare, becoming an Internet of Things (IoT) company in the healthcare space was a natural path to take. We class all devices that connect to our cloud platform as the ‘Things’ of IoT which includes smartphones, tablets, wearables and other bio and non-bio sensors. Our solutions include developing the data capture software on these devices and storing the data on cloud servers for reporting and analysis.

We understood that there is a need for technologically inclined expertise to boost the digital health revolution. It’s our mission to play an important role in that story.

Our values


At all times we act with integrity, providing quality service, being reliable and responsible. We take pride and ownership in all that we do and say.


We understand the dynamics of healthcare and that every healthcare organisation is different. We use innovation, insights and creativity and are flexible about what we do.


We are timely, responsive, proactive and transparent in our communication with our clients to meet their needs and aim to delight.


We are each fully accountable for our work in gaining any possible repeat business with clients. We understand our ALTERs goals and prepare well for all meetings with them.

How we work

Our journey starts with understanding your needs and requirements. We discuss, question and most importantly listen to you. We understand the dynamics of the healthcare industry and that no two projects are alike- each with its own sets of requirements. Once requirements are gathered, we go through a 3-step journey to determine which element aligns best with your project:

1. Creative element

Step one, creative. Mockups and simulated application prototypes

Laying out a mockup wireframe of how the app will be presented i.e. screen-by-screen specification. This will simulate a prototype App.

2. Technical element

Step two, technical. Specification and application development

Functional specification write up, sign off and then App development and maintenance.

3. Cloud and data hosting

Step three, hosting. Cloud hosting on the Azure platform.

Biotaware provides server-side hosting platform on Microsoft's cloud hosting platform, Azure using .NET as the development platform.

Communication is at the heart of our delivery process. Our experience has taught us that engaging clients and keeping them connected throughout each stage of a project is fundamental to success. We welcome our clients to get involved with the process, engaging you is the first step of delivery and we can learn so much from you about your organisation.