Our story

Biotaware was formed by a leadership team with many years experience in developing software solutions for a breadth of sectors, including both clinical trials and the games industry.

There is a growing need to leverage technology to improve the care of patients, the treatment of diseases and the promotion of health and wellbeing. We recognise these challenges and, as such, are positioned as an expert ‘Internet of Things’ company in the digital health space. Leaning on our expertise and experience, the team at Biotaware are experts in the connected-device market, utilising the ‘things’ in IoT - smartphones, tablets, wearables, and other bio/non-biosensors - to create solutions which provide professionals a deeper understanding of their patients in order to improve their outcomes.

As a fully remote company, we value professionalism, flexibility, ownership, and communication from every member of the team. Communication, especially, is at the heart of our delivery process. Our experience has taught us that engaging with customers and clients, keeping them connected throughout each stage of a project, is fundamental to success.

We understood that there is a need for technologically-inclined expertise to boost the digital health revolution. It’s our mission to play an important role in that story.