Biotaware's platform is built around a simple principle – being able to flexibly capture data from any source – be it a smartphone app, a wearable or a clinical grade device, in a format that best suits your needs.

Once captured into our platform, we help you provide new and extended insights to your data, enabling you to answer the questions your stakeholders are asking.

SECURE DATA STORAGEScalable and flexible.

Our data storage system is built with an enterprise grade cloud server infrastructure and acts as a centralised record keeping system for your captured data. It is modelled to solve your security and inter-operability challenges while respecting the region's privacy regulations.

Your data is always securely stored, backed up and available.


We assess which regulatory market best conforms to your business interest and complies with the region's security and privacy laws. We ensure that your solution follows the principles of interoperability, integration, intelligence, socialisation, outcomes and engagement. We ensure that all the required physical, network and processes security measures are in place and follows the HIPAA and ISO27001 standards.


Our platform has been developed with security in mind, with our systems only operating via secured and verified communication channels.

It is tailored to meet your existing account authentication and password policies, including supporting password reset, account activation and recovery for your end users.

We are able to offer the ability to store completely encrypted data on your behalf. This facility is backed by state of the art hardware cryptography, meaning you, and you alone, will be able to view your data when it is held on our systems.


We take your privacy and data very seriously and that’s why the very foundation of our platform is built around ensuring customer data is stored in complete isolation.

The underlying technology that powers our system is fully HIPAA and ISO27001 compliant, meaning we can easily become a natural extension to your existing compliant systems with the minimum of disruption and regulatory burden.


Our powerful web based dashboard and reporting platform allows you to monitor and manage your connected devices live giving full visibility of population deployments. Our tools allow you to quickly and proactively detect failing devices and take steps to re-provision hardware using your established supply chain.

Query, interrogate and report on the data your devices are generating with the ability to export the information in a fully customisable format. And beyond that, we provide integration with a range of reporting and analytical software such as Microsoft PowerBi and of course Microsoft Excel.

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