MOBILE SOLUTIONSClinical Trials and wellness.

The proliferation of mobile smartphone and tablet devices has been a huge game changer for Digital Health, placing the ability to help govern personal wellness into the hands of patients.

With technologies such as push notifications and the emergence of consistent wifi and network connectivity, collecting consistent patient data at source is now an established reality.

Here at Biotaware, we have worked on and delivered many successful Clinical Trial (eCOA) and wellness mobile projects giving us the edge as a partner in any such endeavour.

Dedicated only to Digital Health, we talk your language.

MOBILE DEVELOPMENTDesign. Develop. Deploy.

We plan, design and develop your mobile health application specifically for ease of data capture and data tracking. Through our agile development processes and robust internal practice, we involve you in every step of the way right up to deployment to platform app stores. Our team specialise in native app development on all major platforms (iOS, Android) for superior performance and native UI support.


We work with you to map out your mobile health strategy and to design a prototype using good UX/UI practice, which plays a key role in the interaction between you and your client. Our approach is to design an application with the needs of the patients, clinicians, consumers and healthcare stakeholders in mind so it can communicate with you, your business and your healthcare processes.


We code your app to connect it to your hardware, wearable technology or medical device. Ultimately, which mobile platform you choose will be tailored to your needs and goals for your business outcomes through a robust and reliable development-across any mobile platforms.


We use elements of gamification to empower you and your end user to drive behavioural change, with the outcome of engaging your end users to comply with your clinical processes and fitness regime, and ultimately allowing you to gather valuable insights.

TECHNOLOGY PARTNERExperience. Quality. Assurance.

Our aim is to development long lasting partnerships providing advise and support throughout every part of Digital Health technology projects.

Mobile apps are often only part of the solution for Digital Health projects. Upon analysis such projects require data storage and integration services, all of which we offer.

We can help in the following areas:

  • Your overall digital health strategy
  • Your data management strategy
  • Your device management strategy
  • Security, data protection & compliance
  • Infrastructure as a service
  • Mobile & Web Application development
  • Deployment, logistics, support and maintenance
  • Web applications
  • Mobile iOS and Android applications
  • Dashboards
  • Cloud servers
  • Integrations such as payment systems, commerce, telecoms or fitness tracking
  • Connected health devices

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