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We’ve heard the term Mobile Health, also known as “mHealth”, which can be defined as health-related mobile applications and health-related wearable devices. Mobile health is the use of mobile applications and devices to deliver medical information, access or capture data, or provide clinical services. In simpler terms, it covers medical and healthcare practice, from various sectors in the healthcare industry, supported by any kind of mobile devices.

As the healthcare industry shifts towards a patient-centric model i.e. putting patients at the heart of healthcare, mHealth is a crucial partner in healthcare transformation. This is because mHealth enables a person or patient to contribute an appropriate share to the total cost of care. The word “mHealth” can be very broad but it is important to note that it has a wide range of uses from an individual's personal health to complex clinical trials.

mHealth can primarily be divided into two categories (as defined above), which are:

Infographic showing mHealth sectors. Image links to text version

In the health apps market, one group handles low confidentially data (personal wellness and activity data, which is usually consumer-driven) and second group handles medium to high confidentially data (health data, personal medical records and clinical trial work, which is used by clinicians, patient and hospital reporting)

The mHealth opportunity range from simple to the complex:

Infographic showing how mHealth apps vary with complexity. Image links to text version

Applications can be built on these platforms:

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Where do you stand in the the dimensions of mHealth?

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