A key development in digital health is the growth in wearable technology e.g. bio-sensing wearables, fitness bands, digital hearing aid, diabetes glucose meter, ketone levels breathalyser (for weight loss), blood pressure monitor and loads more!

Wearables are any electronic devices that you can wear or place on your body. These wearables contain sensors that gives feedback on the physiological functions of the body.

For both the clinical trial and health/wellness industry, the rapid grow of low-cost wearable health monitors for the consumer market is a great avenue for identifying potential patients and gathering huge volumes of data spanning years of an individual’s life. The game changer is the ease of data collection – it is easily accessibly and easy to use!

Most wearables are used within a consumer contact however there is an increase amount in the the medical and clinical space (e.g. clinical trials). It is important to note that most wearable health devices transmit data via an app i.e. wearables work well only in conjunction with software (such as apps).

Graphic showing how data from Wearables flows into the cloud. Image links to a text version of this image

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