DIGITAL HEALTH DEVICESWearables. Clinical Devices. Biosensors.

We work with all wearables and devices that transmit different types of physiological, biometric and other sensor data captured via the device. With our understanding of both professional healthcare and consumer health challenges, we understand the global impact of people engaging with digital technology to better manage their health.

Custom device builds sourced from Asia and integration with consumer fitness devices such as Fitbit and Jawbone are something we specialise in.

Our platform enables you to easily manage and connect these devices, integrating consumer or clinical generated data into one place and creating a powerful connected health solution for you.


With a myriad of health apps and medical devices in the market now, there is a vast amount of data to be gathered. Using our customised APIs, we connect any wearable, medical device or sensors with each other and manage the devices in our platform so you can flexibly gather different data sets, giving a holistic view on the data that matters to you.

By authorising access and granting permission to the health data in the devices and apps, we are able to be deliver those data to you and your end users to incorporate into your business processes.


Managing wearable tech and mobile medical devices is now a critical and complex consideration for wellness, clinical and healthcare companies. Your business needs to be able to manage, connect and prioritise data from a diverse set of wearable tech and devices per user, whether it is for patients in a clinical study or consumer tracking their well-being.

Our platform makes it easy to connect devices, data, people and applications, and accelerate implementation of remote patient monitoring, wearable enabled clinical trials, or health & wellness products. Once data is captured into our platform, we help you provide new and extended insights to your data, enabling you to gather, organise, report, and take action.


Our teams have deep experience with integration protocols such as Bluetooth LE and many other connectivity technologies such as SIM management.

Biotaware simplifies data, device and application integration to accelerate implementation of remote patient monitoring, wearable enabled clinical trials, or health & wellness solutions so that your team resources can focus on the innovation, efficiency, and outcomes that matters to you.

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